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The Ganzfeld Procedure

#1 | Posted: 29 Jun 2017 23:28 | Edited by: Picshit 
Hack your brain.

Wearing a sleeping mask or sitting in a dark room puts the brain to sleep. The brain needs to stay awake and with minimal sensory input to induce hallucination. Looking at a featureless white field with no cues for depth, shape or distance keeps the brain alert and looking for information. When no information is present, the brain start amplifying the senses, until the neural noise is confused as real sensory information. Dreams are produced in a similar manner.

The Ganzfeld Experiment: start by turning the radio to a station playing static. Then lie down on the couch and tape a pair of halved ping-pong balls over eyes. You could also use a completely closed mask, or just stay in complete darkness. Within minutes, you should begin to experience a bizzare set of sensory distortions. Some people see horses prancing in the clouds, or hear the voice of a dead relative. It turns out that the mind is addicted to sensation, so that when there's little to sense - that's the purpose of the ping-pong balls and static - your brain ends up inventing its own.

The Picshit 1 Recording is about extending the static.


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