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Why shit is important

Every organism on this planet makes shit. We can't accept or make it to public that we make shit, but we still do. You make shit, everyday. Without shit there is no life: if your shit stops, your life stops, and if your life stops, your shit stops. Life and shit are parts of each other. Shit is the Sense. Making shit is nice. May be we are born to make shit, didn't you think of it?

Make shit, not war

Shit is our life consisting of other shits: money, religion, governments, wars, strikes, electronics, E471s, dating sites, social networks, colliders, TV news, cats, dogs and little children. Look around: there is shit. It's everywhere, and it's everything.

The difference between Shit and Picshit

Picshit is about a sound hit created by Normunds Pics and ghosts. Pics' hit. It would be great if there would be no relations between Picshit and a simple shit, and if it would be just a letters game. But there is a definite strong relation. "Shit is all around" was the motto for the sound recording we created in 2009 and which became a legendary Internet shit since these times. It made us "Kings of Noise".

You don't like shit?

You'll take it on Board anyway.

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