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If Uwe Boll was a Chef...

#1 | Posted: 29 Jun 2017 22:59
A comic artist known as Cheekylicious revealed his "If Famous Movie Directors Were Chefs" comic series. You could merely find all directors online; we have found it symbolical to see an awful Uwe Boll playing his episode:

Definitely, mr. Boll became truly famous after this one, and could feel free to make his shit forever again. BTW, he owns couple of restaurants, so you are welcome.
Normunds Pics
Forums Member
#2 | Posted: 1 Jul 2017 00:24 | Edited by: Normunds Pics
I've watched the movie "Rampage" filmed by Uwe Boll... "What a shit!" I thought from the first scenes... but then, it all suddenly became a bail-out plan!

45 minutes later in "Chicken Den"...

The funniest thing is that you and this piece of shit only you would do a burn out coming into a shit hole like this!

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#3 | Posted: 1 Jul 2017 16:34
It's all American, baby :)))
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