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How To Be A MAN - With No Shit!

#1 | Posted: 29 Jun 2017 22:37 | Edited by: Picshit 
"How To Be A Man" is a movie about former comedian Mark McCarthy, preparing amateur video cuts for a son, which is going to be born soon. Mark believes he'll die soon because of a form of cancer, that's why he's hurrying up and hires a young virgin cameraman to film everything he expresses. While doing the cinema, both guys pass through the wide flow of drugs, sex and of course, shit.

In this movie, shit is a substance which belongs to some kind of truly man's stuff (and the word itself is mentioned about 40 times). One of the final scenes mets Mark and his buddy Bryan splitting off, then coming on together again. After the quarrel, Bryan finds Mark sleeping on the street with the piece of shit lying near him.

- So this is what you taught me.
- Yeah. I'm an idiot. It's all a pile of shit.

- No, it's not. It's not. Just this little piece. This piece here. You see this? That's collateral damage. That's shit.

- Because that says: "Do whatever you need to do to get the job done. Fuck people over. Do whatever it takes." That's not what a man does. A man takes responsibility for his actions. All of his actions. That part's bad. But all this is good.

- Oh. All this is good?

- Don't do that. You started this thing thinking you knew everything. And I've learned a lot from you, but I also learned what not to do. So now you can learn from that. Do you get it?

- That's a trip. Because now, I'm learning something from you.
- Put that shit down. Come on, buddy. Get up.

- I can't believe you picked up that dog shit.

- It wasn't dog shit.


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