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How Shit Consumption is being planned for European Union countries

#1 | Posted: 24 Feb 2014 13:23 
European Union is planning to issue new directives to feed animals with maggots, which are rich in protein, and so this would allow to grow meats quickly and effectively. Basic reasons to switch off from soya which is now given to animals, is that there is not enough soya. The world requires too much meats to eat. The governments need to think how to give their slaves even more meats.

Where to take it from? The answer is simple and found on Picshit project time ago. FROM SHIT.

Shit is everywhere, everything and now on your own plate.

Here is a simple schema of how it would happen:

Shit Consumption Cycle; made in EU

1. Flies will feed on agricultural waste, containing animals shit (excrements), as well as rotting vegetables and locally specific waste such as whisky "substrate" in Scotland or tomato pulp in Spain.

2. The flies will lay their eggs in the waste. The eggs hatch into protein-rich maggots that feed off the waste, too.

3. The maggots are then used to feed farm animals.

4. The animals are then butchered and and sold for human consumption.

Voila! Isn't that simple? A very organic natural shit cycle.

Eat shit with a pleasure! Bon appetit!


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