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Radiowaves in the Human Body

#1 | Posted: 11 Feb 2013 20:15 
There is a conceptually new scientific direction called informational medicine. The main principle of its theory is that human body cells and tissues communicate via information signals to themselves and to the external world.

The most astonishing, scientifically proven fact of this theory is, that body cells are able to generate and receive radio waves.

Studies have shown that super-weak radio waves of certain frequencies can be perceived by the body and can control many processes that occur in it.

Electromagnetic waves, if their frequencies coincide with the resonant frequencies of the body and / or micro-organisms living in it, may stimulate vitality and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, i.e. let the body produce protective mechanisms to the illness.

Such effective influence on the disease is rather low comparing to the directional external radiation: its intensity is billions times weaker than the radiation of a cell phone.

When Picshit recording was made, we all feel kind of therapy while working it out. Now we think we're even closer to the point why this recording was so important to us, and why it is so diverse. It seems we have tried truly to catch the radio waves of our human bodies and amplify them using radio receivers.


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