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Captain Shit
#1 | Posted: 28 Jan 2013 19:23 
Browsed to this site randomly.
Listened to tracks with an interest.
Scuffs is really a good track, about a trace and track. All others are shit.
Me thinks the UNDISTINGUISHED principle for this project is a primary one. Undishitguished.
Shit is, in any way, undistinguished by people. Like they make shit and do not notice they are making it. Shit is underrated.
This recording purely shows it. You guys and girls did a great job on this mix. It is undistinguished, too, because it can be safely ignored. The recording itself is weak. The concept around it is as big as the moon.
Would be nice to hear your next recording... on how you progressed by these years. Will it be made/available and by which time?..

#2 | Posted: 29 Jan 2013 21:59 
Wow, thanks dude. We didn't know someone truly listens to our work. Lots of spam and ignorance here.

You are right. The project is on the undistinguished level, because we didn't invested in its promotion a lot. Actually, we didn't invest in it at all. But as you know, making things distinguished requires some more money than it's available. We need sponsors for it, but who will promote SHIT? Ha-ha!

There is absolutely no progress on this project, and this is shit, too. We made a recording, which in our opinion, can't be made better. It could still have some variations, ... if there will be a chance, it would be great to play with asymmetric noise on the Abbey Road, but I have to agree it's impossible, too.

Actually, nobody of us wanted to be famous with this.
You can't be famous just making shit.
But the hope dies last ;)

Captain Shit
#3 | Posted: 1 Feb 2013 18:05 
"You can't be famous just making shit"

??? hah! wrong point! Look around what happens in the world... every nation's leader is making lots of shit, everyday, and he's famous ;)

In the sound area... I've met so many shit recordings around, but yours is truly the first which calls itself shit. Bravo, braves.


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