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Following Tsiolkovsky path

#1 | Posted: 22 Oct 2010 08:48 
Accordingly to Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's classic essay, "The mind and the passion", there may be pleasant, unpleasant and neutral emotions. Here's a unique translation of what he thinks about music in this essay.

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky:
There is a combination of emotions and sounds (music), which may force very strong emotions to appear, which would be mostly joyful and even really pleasant. They may cause both grief and tears, but those are sweet tears and sweet grief. After such performance, there starts a hangover, weakness, incapacity to work, and the flour. But this already relates to the artificial reasons for vital gravity. Such music is dangerous, like as wine or narcotic. It gives a bliss without sense, expends moral forces, and then weakens for a long time. But there is healthy music (as it's regular), which only satisfies the accumulated and dissatisfied passion to the sound. We are enraptured by voices and singing of women and men. But not everybody could hear them! Music is more accessible, although it would better replaced by the natural sounds of animals, which purpose is an rapprochement and multiplication of species (as f.e. singing birds). However, practice requires concessions. Music discharges the passions, which do not have a way out. But because of the sad reasons, they do not frequently have a way out.

Like to add, Picshit album was recorded exactly because of passions having no way out. And it is exactly for creative an unpleasant emotion. Tsiolkovsky describes, that everything in life is combined of such changing emotions, and in result, if we measure emotions, the sum of positive is equal to the sum of negative. If you think carefully, you will see he has right regarding music. If you are in a bad mood, and listen to a music which creates a good mood, you are in good mood then.

The Positive music creates a positive emotion from you being in a negative emotion, and the Negative music creates a negative emotion from you being positive.

I would also add, Picshit.1 is only partially about it. If we measure the level of desperation and the level of hope, the sound was coming from it, from something when there is no more hope for new and when you don't give a shit to anything. It's really about when Positive music is considered as the music which gives some hope. Picshit.1 doesn't give.

That's the concept. And that was already described by the pioneer of the astronautic theory. We are his students.

#2 | Posted: 4 Mar 2012 04:15 
Great lines, Thank You!

#3 | Posted: 7 Mar 2012 11:48 
Thanks for coming, pal.


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