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Vital Weekly reviews Sebo de Tripa

#1 | Posted: 16 Jun 2010 04:30 | Edited by: Picshit
Here we have Vital Weekly #729 and the review regarding Sc release on INQB8R inclusive.

I hope they continue, but stick to the simple idea, simple ideas are often the best.

This is what we liked at most in this review. Really, it all means nothing without continue. The most important thing is where it all leads to, how it develops.

But we really stick to one idea only in this aspect. It's not a serious music project, it's just a one-time *hit. Hits are just all over time. It's a sketch.

Don't look how it was made, or the technique itself. It's also kind of lame approach. When you listen to violins, you don't have to know how the violin is made. You hear the sound and that affects your thinking.

The same way, when you hear bushes of waves, it may affect thinking.

Full review, if *hit happens with the above one link, is available in INQB8R archives.
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