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Normunds Pics
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#1 | Posted: 11 Mar 2010 13:55
Quanthe was a guest visitor on INQB8R forums, INQB8R is a net foundation which has published our "Sc" EP containing 2 tracks from Picshit.1. But he or she appears like an anonymous psycho. He can penetrate the essence. Obviously, one of the bingo opinions about our work. Here is the English from Russian translation:

After listening to this release, I would like to devise the term of "hardcore-ambient". With vocal beatings and noise pushing generated by the radio receiving equipment, the musicians perhaps wanted to show, in what noisy time we live, when here's a question about the acoustic environmental pollution; it is possible to become accustomed and ignore this noise, but it nevertheless influences the life, and often not from its best side. This EP vividly demonstrates one of the powerful forces of nature, which has been already solidly entered into the life of humans: electricity. It's like you are inside of the enormous power station, which gives to understand, as we all are negligible and defenseless in front of the power of electrical energy. An electromagnetic canto...

Whatever I could say, as the author, that having a chaotic, lost, desperate sound may affect many areas. We wanted to make listeners numb, that was one of the purposes. Let the listener do not move. Yes, we all are under electricity, good point. The one and unique point.

Thanks, pal.
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